Top 3 Online Payment Solutions Across the Globe

Online payment solutions paved the way for people to do business more quickly and automated with other people across the globe. Right now, one individual from Australia can purchase a product from another country in only a couple of minutes.

There are dozens of online payment platforms and/or applications active right now. Through our own internal and external surveys across our readers from all over the globe, we’ve listed down our top 3 online payment solutions. Now, we want to share everything with all of you.


There was a time when Stripe was on top, but it is still impressive how this platform remained one of the top online payment providers despite the fierce competition. Stripe is mostly known for its agile and efficient API.

Stripe allows you to create or design your account dashboard based on your preference and specific needs. Many people are saying Stripe is kind of like the WordPress of online payment.

There are hundreds of applications you can integrate for particular and targeted functions you want. You also get a lot more including a smart payment page, custom UI toolkit, in-person payments, open-source plug-ins and more.


Some people might disagree with this one, but we will stick to it. Payoneer has made great developments in improving its user experience interface making it a user-friendly platform.

Payoneer is one of the oldest global payment providers and is accessible to over 200 countries and operates with more than 150 different currencies.

Payoneer’s main selling point is that businesses can grow their operation and their API will mirror that. It is truly one of the most flexible online payment solutions today.


Due was founded back in 2015 but has already taken the lead in this competition. Their security measures are truly one of the most robust frameworks we have ever seen. It features PCI compliance, encrypted transactions, alert tools, fraud monitoring and more.

This platform became big at first for freelancers and small businesses across the globe. Due also operates with an e-Bank, where you can store your money online and use it at your disposal at any time.

There aren’t many ground-breaking developments here. But, Due focused more on reliability and security to protect and serve millions of people.

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