About Us

Back in 2014, Hannah Holmes was working as an administrative support specialist for a finance firm in her hometown at Oxley, a small suburb in Canberra, Australia. As an accounting and business administration graduate, Holmes is knowledgeable in finance and accounting.

July 2014, she decided to quit her job and start a finance consultation firm of her own. While conducting market research before offering her services, Holmes found out that there are so many developments in the field of online payment and transactions.

It was a paramount trend many countries were adapting to. From there, she was able to narrow down her business services to finance and online payment transactions.

Starting the Blog

In early 2015, Holmes decided to start a blog for the business and to publish relevant information and updates about the services she provides. The blog provided fresh perspectives that are based on in-depth research and trends in other countries.

Holmes shared everything she knows in the Payment Innovation blog that resulted in strong positioning for her business. In late 2015, Payment Innovation managed to secure business clients in retail and insurance.

What started as a 1-woman business now have more 50 experts and professionals educating people and businesses about finance and online payment. People are finding more value in the services and content offered by Holmes and her team because of the massive growth of online payment and transactions all over the globe.

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